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Young men’s perspective is an interactive digital magazine and radio show designed to strengthen character and promote success through inspiration and information. Our mission is to use the magazine and radio show to engage, encourage and …enrich our youth so that more of them succeed in life. We specialize in functional expertise with an emphasis on strategy, leadership skills and education. The scope is broad and includes the entire spectrum of leading and emerging industries. Utilizing the global capacity of the web we appeal to a cross cultural demographic that is all inclusive. We create a unique experience in which subscribers read, view and listen to insight and knowledge from a wealth of successful businessmen and women.

Young Men’s Perspective Magazine is providing an enriching alternative to mainstream media, which stimulates are youth with conscious truth and exchange vital knowledge, wisdom, and understanding pertaining to today’s vital issues.
“Create the content that resonates with your audience, and produce more of it.”

Jeff Hodges


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Jeff’s true gift is his ability to connect with young African-American males, inspire them to take the lead in their own lives and communities. He engages his audiences by sharing his journey of self discovery from what is too often a common starting point of criminality, violence, homelessness and self hatred, just to name a few. He shares with them his authentic, vivid, and transparent tale of transformation leading them to a place of inspiration and hope

“I wrote and published my first book, A Collection of Conversations a Guide to Success Vol. 1. In this book I write about the experiences that led me to prison and my transformation from a broken man who carried the weight of my past on my shoulders into a man with a purpose and vision that transcended my circumstances. My life is a testament to the power of positive thinking and the importance of building human connections. I believe that transformation is possible no matter what we’ve done or how much we’ve fallen short.”


Check out my exclusive interview with Bennie Randall ” The Motivator ” we get it in  kicking off the series ” How’d You Get So Successful ? ”


Coming August 2014

 A Collaboration with Dr. Emma I. Hunter


Check for me as a featured writer in “Failure: Key To Success”, by Dr. E.I. Hunter. Coming August 2014

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