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Young Men’s Perspective Media is the transmedia business through which Jeff Hodges and his guests communicate the message of transformational change and empowerment.

“Change Your Thinking. Change Your Life”

Each outlet is designed to engage its audience with inspirational messages and information for future leaders, encouraging character development and promoting success.


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YMP Media appeals to Young men demographically between the ages of 18 -25 who are High Achieving, Leadership Building, Seeking Motivation as well as At-Risk Youth.

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YMP Magazine Issue 1 Vol. 1


 Bridge Program Speakers- Macon Transitional Center

“Jeff Hodges stepped up to fulfill a need within our facility. The recidivism problem over the years has increased and as such the Department of Correction was searching for ways to decrease the statistics of said increase. Mr. Hodges readily volunteered his time at Macon Transitional Center as a mentor and a motivational speaker.

 Mr. Hodges stated that his only reward is to help bring about positive change by instilling awareness. Jeff is an eloquent speaker whose ultimate goal is to provide needed direction via knowledge and information. He travels the country speaking “positive change and a better tomorrow”.

 Jeff Hodges is a speaker, publisher, author and a man who “has a heart for his fellowman”.

 As Ever,

Timothy Jones Superintendent

If you are interested in having Mr. Jeff Hodges speak at your next event or you wish to join your voice to his through one of YMP’s transmedia outlets please contact his office though this site.