Who’s accountable?

There’s an ongoing debate regarding a victims vs. finger pointers perspective. When it comes to the myriad of social-economical issues faced on a daily basis in the black communities. Too many times the conversation becomes more of a debate, then a fact-finding and solution orientated discussion as it should be. There’s been a systemic methodology put in place, depending on who you get your information from it usually turns into one or two things, a victims vs. finger pointers dialogue to no end or resolution. How is it when we speak about a situation regarding our children, and their very low reading level or none existent reading ability, and the discussion somehow always begins with what the schools/teachers are not doing or better yet point fingers at an entity to blame i.e. Government.

When does this topic take on the rare form of who’s accountable,and begin to see the real problem and where it originated from? I’m no scholar ( at least not in the formal education sense of the word) or claim to be, but does it take having initials behind my name to see where the real issues stem from? Even Stevie Wonder can see what and who is responsible. The parents, and why doesn’t the discussion hone in on the them, those who have the problem but have become so complacent they don’t seem to think nothing is wrong. So my billion dollar question becomes.

“How do you reach a people with the problem offering help, who don’t seem to think, and acknowledge there is one ? “

The problem with that tired old argument regarding what slavery has done to us as people, gets no play when countless African-Americans have faced the same set of circumstances, and yet succeeded in life irregardless of the obstacles laid before them. They have eliminated the excuse of ” the man is holding me down”, or “won’t allow me to get ahead.” My thing is this, the same hours in a day are afforded to us all, what you do with those hours is totally up to you. Simply put, the same energy you expel in doing nothing to change your situation will yield the same results, nothing! If you never heard “continue to do the same thing,and expect different results is insanity.” Which makes anyone crazy to think it’s someone else’s responsibility to come fix what’s wrong with you. You heard it first right here!

“Always Leave Yourself Open To Change And You Will Always Continue To Grow In Life. “

Your desire to want more has to be greater than your lack of concern to fix it to get more. There has to be a point in your life, when you have to stop and think this ain’t living and seek out what is. The more excuses made to why things are the way they are, will never resolve them. The time has come for people to take full responsibility of their child/ren and play their role as parent. Don’t wait till the teacher or system has to step in and then you have taken issues on how your child/ren are being address because remember we do live in a capitalistic country and it’s all about the money for them. For you it should always be about the life of that child/ren you brought into this cold world that has nothing to do with you not being where you wanna be or done all you feel you wanted before they got here. Do your part step up or expect for your child/ren to continue to be singled out for initiatives like School to prison pipeline for the lack of you taking full responsibility for your babies!

Live like someone left the gate open, and you will love and appreciate your life!!!!!

Did You Know 87% Black, 85% Hispanic & 62% White Children CAN’T READ! TestOurKids.com

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