There’s a reason almost every self-development article online talks about the writer’s failures: It works. The GOOD news is writing about your failures is transparent and relatable.

“When it comes to getting success most people have it backwards…

They have the mindset of Have / Do / Be..

… and it’s a key reason why people fail and will continue to fail until they correct it.

And if you have this mindset I can almost guarantee that you’re struggling. ”

Saying things like ” Once I have the money, then I can DO whatever or once I have my dream job, then I’ll BE able to,…” A mindset like this will NEVER produce success!

Collaboration with Dr. Emma I. Hunter. Check for me as a featured writer in “Failure: Key To Success”, by Dr. E.I. Hunter. Coming  August 8th


The how usually comes once you’ve established the why you’re doing something especially if it’s empowering others.

My WHY and focus is to help young African-American males fulfill their purpose, providing them with tools, teaching them how they too can live a life full of substance. I offer insights and information regarding my transformation with transparency, and plant the seeds of encouragement while redirecting as well as to equip them to grow into the leaders we know they can be. The HOW has been a beautiful journey, that my favorite quote explains.

“You know you’re on the right road when the right and necessary people cross your path”

Jeff Hodges

The process hasn’t been some stroll on easy street, with everything falling in place like I planned it to all the time. But what I walked away knowing, either you deal with the hard  difficulties associated with your journey to success. Or you can deal with the hard and difficult associated with your failures to try, and the consequences that follow! I much rather put in the work to work toward my goal of success, instead of being complacent and remaining in the same place I was yesterday! The choice is yours, because remember The BAD news is reading about other people failures can become addictive, and non productive if you don’t get up and move in the direction of your OWN success!

“We move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts”

Question is, what thoughts dominate your mind, Success or Failure?

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