What you don’t allow to kill your spirit, only makes you stronger


This too shall pass

I know you’re probably wondering….why I had to grow up this way. Feeling like the world is completely unsafe, and having to deal with the ignorance of history’s stereotypes and stigmas.

Negative backlash that attached with the color of your skin, it’s sad that as a young boy there were NO good, positive role models. Encouraging you to understand that there needs to be a change in how things are done, that not all life experiences are like this and that he will be there to protect you. Unfortunately the streets became your parents and big brothers, and changing the way things are seems like a life time ago from your Perspective. But like so many things in our life, they are  always subject to change.

An it’s up to us to be in charge of the change an apart of the process.  Negative connotations and stereotypes of who you are may tend to “lower your self-esteem” for lack of a better term. But this shouldn’t stop you for striving for something better; because though you may not feel your self worth from all this negativity going on in your life now, know that you’re still priceless. Like the saying goes, little brother “this too shall pass” trust me and yourself. Never ever give up on your hopes and dreams, no matter how long it takes to achieve them; they are yours and no one can take that away from you they can lock up your body, but never your mind


Everyone who succeeded in life endured many of life’s challenges,and had those in retrospect moments wondering how they did it. When I reflect on our most famous people in history. I most often consider, what the individual is most famous for, and had to go through to become famous. We may have big dreams with minimal resources, but so did many of our most famous! Achieving success takes timing an absolute determination, something that is innately apart of your DNA, fellas! So always stay your course to your heart’s desire. You can have it if you truly apply yourself and never ever give up; your moment in time is all yours!

Gentlemen, there’s a reason why your reading this, you’re seeking an that’s fine, an quite understandable. Many times pride can play an ill role in our lives, ill meaning sick cause were too proud to ask anyone about anything. Here is a little known secret, there is no such thing as a stupid question. So many people much rather just leave it that way, and just not asks. One would call that a comfort zone, well today I like to say to you. There’s no comfort in not knowing, and life begins where our comfort zone ends !!! This brings me to the word of the day, Expunge; to mark for deletion; OBLITERATE ERASE.

Reason I share this particular word is, many of us suffered with another illness named The System. We feel we can’t move forward due to our egregious behaviors, how far from the truth that is! I am an X felon myself. Several years ago I applied for a job at a state hospital in Pennsylvania. During my interview I took notice my interviewer neared the part of the application where they ask about being a felon. I said excuse me Ms. can I talk to you? She replied sure, I said Ms. I’m no longer that person and began to share how I’m a man with principles and morals. The convictions of my crimes have been paid for, and basically I would like an opportunity. Guess what she said “I am going to give you a chance” music to my ears! Haven’t looked back since! So my point is.  So Can You!!! Once you remove words like, excuse, I can’t from your vocabulary. Realizing there is none, you can do anything and move ahead with your life letting nothing hold you back my brother! So you might ask, what can I do to change my situation? Well it’s simple; your job is to research about getting your record “Expunged” in your city and state. And step your Communications Game Up playboy.com and make it happen by putting one foot in front of the other moving in the direction of your most dominate thoughts. Which should be regarding your success, where you see yourself, that being the objective word seeing oneself doing what it is they love doing have passion for and wouldn’t consider it work!


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