The shocking truth about the struggle; it won’t last always

We are all afraid of change in one form or another, at some point 
Whether it’s a person, an asset, or personal keepsake, none of us wants to lose something we value. What’s more, we worry about whether we’re really doing enough to protect it.

Now a days more emphasis is placed on things as to have more value than people. Somethings have to change, this being one of them. I can’t ignore the energy placed on this type of thinking. Knowing everything begins with a thought, and if only many of us would adapt to this notion; what a better place we’d be in as a human race. Imagine, you could control your current situation based on your thought patterns and thinking behaviors. When you continually do the same thing, and expect different results that is what they call insanity! Starting your day off with the thinking,” same ish different day” is a definitive way of remaining in the same spot you find yourself in everyday. It’s this simple, on a whole, the struggle continues if the mind continues to think the same struggling thoughts and placings things over people is a huge struggling thought.

With what you know now, would you do things differently?

Fearing the idea of change, will only hold you back ( Time to face those fears ) and press forward; when you know you want to grow, and want more.  So how do you get more, and move beyond those fears holding you back?  Breaking the cycle of the struggle mindset, seeing beyond your “current situation” is one of the most important aspects to approaching this new cognitive and way of life.  The energy one puts in adapting to ones environment is wasted time. Set the stage create your own path, step away from the perpetual box and stand out and be, and do you!  You know the saying “Time and money are interchangeable. You can always save one by spending more of the other.”  ‪#‎Empowerment‬



Let your struggle represent your transformation………

Change your thinking, change your life…..Not a slogan, but a game and lifestyle changer! ‪#‎believethat‬

It takes a combination of renewed thinking and behavior to change the shape of a community. ‪#‎ChangeYourThinking‬, ‪#‎ChangeYourLife‬ #bethesuccessyouwanttosee

The success of my brothers, Men of Color in particularly is a profoundly important issue for me, ‪#‎BrothersKeeper‬ ‪#‎p4p‬ ‪#‎changeagent‬

Knowing Black men and boys are a vital part of the fabric of our society. The challenges these brothers face, is enough to make one feel marginalized and disconnected from that very same society. Keeping in mind, every time he encountered defeat, would come up smiling an with increased determination to forge ahead!

Knowing the struggle won’t last always he finds his strength, and changes the narrative to his story. Addressing the Issues Facing The African American Man in his Community starting with healing oneself.

“I am here to change the world. And I’am not alone.”


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