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I am very excited  how dedicated I’ve become to my target audience ( At-Risk Youth ),even though it’s lots of maintenance and work.  Disappointments from people who so call say they support what you do, and don’t, nonetheless I proceed and keep it pushing.  Because  I  know making a difference in someone’s life is so worth it ALL.  I  have a rich history of significant life experiences that are extremely relate able to our youth.  I have the kind of effect on them,where they feel comfortable sharing with me a total stranger.

One who will challenge them no doubt, hold them accountable, and help them crush their mental barriers holding them back from their greatness, as an inspirational and motivation speaker.  A strategy is already taking shape in my mind’s eye to redevelop my business to better serve them with this as we speak, since I never been one afraid to ask  a question or for help   I’m truly thankful for my coaches along this journey who offered me insight and direction holding me accountable to take it to the next level so I can be like Nike and ” JUST DO IT”     So pardon self, if it appears I’m on a mission to “Getting my Name Out there” because quite naturally I’m ‘THE” one who has something to say worth listening too, and  have created a platform with life changing information full of relevant substance to offer our youth on their  journey to transformation and changing their lives ”


“The worst mistakes you can make, when it comes to money is think it’s paper value supersedes the value of  people”


Positive choices are the key to the healthy development of America’s youth and lay the foundation to strengthen families and society, I’m not a gambling man, but I do know “The Wrong Bet Will Cost You Major Time & Money   “Words become actions”  so don’t waste time and energy on nonsense trying to be “cool”

You’ve heard that we’re the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Well ask yourself, Do the people around you challenge you? Push you?  If not you need to find new people to be around to grow and  learn from, or do like my moms used to say ” learn how to play alone”  R.I.P. Ma Dukes

Every person must experience re-invention, strive for change, and focus on new and bigger opportunities.

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Who Is Jeff Hodges

Jeff Hodges Media LLC.

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