@SHAKASENGHOR joins Jeff Hodges to discuss “Why your worst deeds don’t define you”

Join me July 8th 3:00 pm est. With my very special guest Shaka Senghor. After watching this brother’s video on Ted Talks, I immediately had to reach out to have him on the show to share his very powerful story. I believe this particular segment will confirm why, this platform Young Men’s Perspective Magazine was created to engage, encourage, and enrich our youth. Shaka is the epitome of why our theme is “Transformation with Transparency ”  with a mantra of ” Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life ” to follow!

“Author of Writing My Wrongs, writes about the tragedies that led to him going to prison and shares his transformation with transparency.

As a writer and mentor he shares his story of redemption with youth and young adults at high schools, universities and conferences across the nation. While serving nineteen years in prison, He transformed his life, and once he returned home, began mentoring young males who were headed down the same destructive path that led him to prison.”

I hope you will be joining me for this very empowering episode of Young Men’s Perspective Magazine, here July 8th 3:00 pm est. tell a friend and please share this link!




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