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A happy and successful journey or moment reached while traveling is best appreciated when one takes in the whole view traditionally speaking. A tradition could be the little moments you share with yourself or another to remember something you did to mark that memorable moment.

“As our ideas of success have evolved over the years, people need to begin commemorating their special moments of achievement with gifts  as a reminder of that success to themselves.”


We must celebrate our most minimum milestones throughout our lifetime, of growing a business and a relationship in order to find the fulfillment. How profound and significant celebrating your small accomplishments would be, if you took the time out to recognize them when they happen.

So as one who not only gives advice,but will take his own advice as well, allow me to share with you my moment of celebration! After several attempts of creating a properly functioning, and easy to navigate website for some time now! I’m proud and excited to have recently launched my new site, thanks in part to my web designer and friend!

“You know you’re on the right road when the right and necessary people cross your path”                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jeff Hodges


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New website for All things Jeff Hodges Media, and YMP Transmedia check out live/archive broadcast, books and publications,keynotes/workshops, blogs and expert guest contributors.

Here are some tidbits about

What is it?

My focus to help young African-American males fulfill their purpose, providing them with tools, teaching them how they too can live a life full of substance.

Who is behind it?

Founder/CEO Jeff Hodges, with his philosophy of “Change Your Thinking. Change Your Life.” Inspiring Young African-Americans to Lead. YMPmedia 1 Network, dba Jeff Hodges media, and dba YMP TransMedia

What type of content do we publish?

Offer insights and information regarding cautionary tales of transformation with transparency, guides to self help and success.

Why we created this resource?

Founder Jeff Hodges saw a need in our communities for our young African-American Males requiring direction and his goal of “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life” is to:

Educate | Engage | Empower Them!!!!!

We’d love your help getting the word out about our magazine,products and services!

Thank you


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