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What a great opportunity and experience,this collaboration has been with Dr. Emma I. Hunter. Check for me as a featured writer among many other great contributors in “Failure: Key To Success”, by Dr. E.I. Hunter. Coming August 8th

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‘Failure hits you once again, what are you going to do? Run away, hide in your room, and never again put yourself out there because you simply can’t go on feeling like a total loser – rejected, embarrassed, and humiliated. For sure, if anyone else knew you failed, people will think less of you and or worse yet, give you a piece of their mind, “You aren’t going anywhere with your business idea; Go get a job and live your passion as a hobby; Your goals aren’t realistic; You’ve been working on your dreams for years… don’t you think it’s time you call it quits?” Maybe IT’S YOU who put your real dreams on hold because LIFE KICKED IN. Forget your dreams – you’re wasting your life away just trying to deal with the realities surrounding you. 

You are about to read real stories of 18 individuals who continue to win in life because they didn’t allow failure to keep them captive in their rooms. They are proud, bold, and living their dreams full-on. If you feel life has gotten you down; that your past stops you from moving forward; that you are nowhere close to living the life you envisioned, sit-down, relax, grab a hot soothing drink, and read this book. Whoever told you that the road to success feels good is lying to you. Can you handle being rejected; told-no; embarrassed; and looked down upon? Are you willing to embrace failure EVERYDAY of your life in order to succeed? Learn how to say YES to your dreams in the midst of unpleasant feelings and emotions that make you want to hide from the world, and get ready to be taken on a journey where your own success depends on your willingness to fail.”

Dr. E.I. Hunter

Failure key to success front cover-4

Listen to our segment;
Dr. E.I. Hunter joins me to discuss her highly anticipated new book  “Failure Key To Success” Answering Your Questions About Success, Failure, and Everything In-Between

Check out some of these amazing reviews

Derek-2   “This book takes the concept of failing your way to success from an idea in your head to something you’ll feel in your heart. You’ll be inspired as you discover how the worst setbacks can lead to the biggest breakthroughs.”

—Derek Doepker, Best Selling Author and Founder of Excuse Proof Fitness

Dr. Darren R. Weissman-3 “At the point of complete darkness is the beginning of light. Dr. Emma shares compelling story after story of courageous people who used the power of failure to discover their greatest selves. This book is going to save so many lives!”

—Dr. Darren R. Weissman, Best Selling

 Author and Developer of The LifeLine Technique


Michael Beckwith“In this astonishing, precious book you will receive vital teachings on how to fail successfully. The courageous individuals who have contributed their tough and tender stories in the language of raw honesty leave no trail of victimhood. Rather, they offer us spiritual masterpieces on the indomitable human spirit.”

—Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder and Spiritual Director, 

Agape International Spiritual Center

Michelle Buchanan-3Failure: Key To Success proves you don’t have to be an international best-selling author to write something that will change people’s lives. In fact, sometimes the stories of the everyday people you pass on the street are the most inspirational of all. Regardless of how enlightened or empowered you may be or whether you’re in need of inspiration or not, you will gain something of value by reading this book.”

—Michelle Buchanan, author of The Numerology Guidebook – Uncover Your Destiny and the Blueprint of Your Life

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