@PREACHMUZAK joins Jeff Hodges @ympmagazine”It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop” series

Join me August 2nd 6:00 pm est. for another episode of “It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop”  with my very special guest Preach Muzak, to discuss his latest mixtape “The Rising Trilogy vol. 1”

Call in to listen 215-383-3998, or click player below

“Preach has the tone and resonance that can be heard on the radio as well as go viral through the web all the while not steering to far away from the hearts and souls of true music lovers. Through his music you find a man in love with life and appreciative of the trials and tribulations endured by those in our history books, those most likely to follow in his footsteps, and those most likely to look up and say “I want to be just like Preach”. With tracks like “Eighty Six”, “Pray”, and “Heaven to Hell” you are taken in to the true reality of the inner city neighborhood. You are taken in to the drugs, projects, violence, and the struggle to make it out alive. You are given a lesson on life and the battles that have been fought to get us to where we are today as well as the role and influence of politics on the lives to afraid or unwilling to understand it. Most importantly you are sat down and given a lesson on true struggles endured by real individuals on a daily basis.

Many artists talk about the dreams and aspirations of this money hungry population, however few know first-hand what it’s like to be in this predicament yet remain determined to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Latashia Martin

Young ‘n Fly Magazine

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