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An affirmation is a simple technique that is used to change negative self-talk that we are rarely even aware of doing.  Positive affirmations can be used throughout the day whenever you need them.  The more you use them, the easier positive thoughts will take over negative ones and you will see benefits happening in your life.


One of the things you can do is post sticky-notes around your room or bathroom with positive affirmations on them.  Everywhere you turn, you will see the affirmations and they quickly become a part of your thought pattern.  For years, many of you have bombarded yourselves with negative thoughts, whether from your personal life or from the media, so changing your thoughts and the way you think will not happen overnight.  By sticking with affirmations, they will work once you have retrained your way of thinking. There are many different affirmation techniques for dealing with different situations in life, but I want to share the ones that I personally use.


The first one is the Mirror Technique and it helps you to appreciate yourself and develop self-awareness and self-esteem.  You should stand in front of a mirror, preferably a full-length one, and look at yourself.  Say out loud what it is you like about yourself and this will build up a more positive self-image.  The Anywhere Technique can be used when you catch yourself thinking a negative thought.  When you realize you are having a negative thought, think of yourself turning down a volume knob inside your head so that you turn it down low enough so as not to hear it any longer. By doing this, you can begin to think of a positive affirmation to replace the negative one and turn the volume back up while repeating it to yourself.


The third technique is the Trashcan Technique.  If you have a negative thought write it down on a scrap of paper, crumble the paper up into a ball, and throw it into the trashcan.  By doing this, you are telling yourself these thoughts are nothing but garbage and that is where they belong.  Lastly, I use the Meditation Technique.  Find somewhere quiet where you are able to relax.  For about 5 or 10 minutes close your eyes and clear your mind of all thoughts and feelings.  Begin to repeat your affirmations to yourself several times while concentrating on the words you are repeating and believe what you are saying.


Having a positive attitude is the key to having joy and leading a successful life.  Our thoughts play a huge role in how we feel and positive thinking leads to a confident person who is happy in life, while negativity leads to low self-esteem and can cause you to miss opportunities in life.  You often talk yourself out of things without even realizing you are doing so.  Every day hundreds of negative thoughts drift freely through your mind and you put yourself down too much and sow the seeds of doubt.  Using daily positive affirmations can change your life drastically and for the better.  They can make you more confident, more aware, and change your life in many more aspects.


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