Power 105, Music Execs and Celebs help HSYC Curb Gun/Gang Violence


 As we honor Hip-Hop History Month other initiatives will be launched by the Hip-Hop Community to address Unemployment, Education,

Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Housing, Obesity, and Gun & Gang Violence

 Barclay Stadium, Brooklyn, NY — Nov. 6, 2013


The Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council continues to pick up steam as the agency has partnered with the Phoenix Music Group and New York’s #1 Hip-Hop Radio Station Power 105 to acquire artist, celebrity and executive support for their successful and groundbreaking work to end gun and gang violence through their Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project (HAGGV). The group’s innovative multi-faceted, cost-efficient initiative uses a public health and safety approach to accomplish its mission.  According to NYPD statistics the project has a track record of success and is being touted as the “Model Violence Prevention Program of the Future” receiving praise and Proclamations from NYC Mayor Bloomberg, the New York City Council, Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, NYPD and the New York Department of Youth & Community Development just to name a few.


Superstar Kendrick Lamar holds up the Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence (HAGGV) “Power Sign” with Charles Fisher backstage

As we approach another holiday season Christmas came early this year as Power 105 held a star-studded super concert at the new Barclay Center.  The historical event rocked the Borough of Brooklyn blowing the minds of a packed house of screaming fans who enjoyed each and every second with stars such as: Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Trey Songs, Big Sean, Fabolous, A$AP Mob, Sevyn Streeter, K. Michelle, Lil’ Kim and Mack Wilds.

While the artists were working hard on stage, the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council was backstage with artists, celebrities and executives urging them to support their Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project.  By using the power and influence of celebrities the initiative will be able to build on its successful model and continue to win the “war on gun and gang violence.”  During the holiday season the group will continue to work with Power 105 and the Phoenix Music Group asking citizens, artists, celebrities and executives to join the movement and use their power, resources and influence to improve the safety and life of citizens in poor and disadvantaged communities.

Regardless of all the negative media you may hear about Hip-Hop, we are now using our influence to curb gun and gang violence and are taking a lot of positive action to make neighborhoods safe again.  Addressing gun and gang violence is a monumental task, but so was the reform of the draconian and destructive Rockefeller Drug Laws, in which Hip-Hop played a key role in repealing.

This year we are asking the Hip-Hop Community to be even more “socially responsible” as we celebrate some very important milestones in the culture.  This includes the 40th anniversary of the birth of Hip-Hop; the 30th anniversary of Video Music Box; the 25th anniversary of theSource Magazine; the 20th anniversary of Hot 97 Radio’s Summer Jams concert, and the birth of the Wu-Tang Clan (the greatest Hip-Hop group in history).  Each has played a major role in the growth, identity and development of Hip-Hop, the greatest international cultural phenomena ever created.  The art transcends race, religion, culture and ethnic backgrounds and is thelifestyle of choice for millions of youth and young adults worldwide.

“I’m all about ending gun and gang violence so whatever y’all need from me to help save lives and make our streets safe for our young people out there, you got my support,” stated Kendrick Lamar.

“We are very appreciative of the hospitality that Gee Spin, Power 105 and the Phoenix Music Group extended to us during the Powerhouse concert.  Being able to speak to artists, managers, radio personalities and record label heads directly about supporting our campaign to curb gun and gang violence is invaluable.  We will use this new partnership to help get young people to understand that gun and gang violence is a dead end road.  We will be working with both parties in the future on this and other campaigns to help empower our schools and communities,” stated Randy Fisher, Executive Director, HHSYC.


Randy Buzzelli and Brad Patrick of the Phoenix Music Group show love & support.

“As a member of the ‘Entertainment Committee’ for the Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project I will be working to solicit the support of artists and executives who want to help us reduce the level of violence we have on our streets.  My partners and I are looking forward to introducing this initiative to radio stations and venues that we service nationwide because it is needed in our communities and is the right thing to do to protect our children,” ended Brad Patrick, Phoenix Music Group.


Charles Fisher, Power 105 Program/Music Director Gee Spin & Randy Fisher holding “Power Sign”

“The Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project is a great initiative and Power 105 will do all we can to help reduce gun and gang violence in our schools and communities.  We are looking forward to really supporting this project,” said Gee Spin, Program/Music Director, Power 105.


Charles Fisher and Def Jam Exec. VP Shawn Pecas holding HAGGV “Power Sign”

“Working to reduce gun violence is a no brainier for us, so whatever we need to do at Def Jam to stop the violence and keep our communities safe let’s make it happen,” said Shawn Pecas, Executive Vice President, Def Jam Records.


Atlantic Records President of Black Music Mike Kyser holding HAGGV “Power Sign”

“I support the Hip-Hop Against Gun and Gang Violence project because we need to do something about all the shootings that take the lives of the young and innocent everyday.  We stand behind this project and will do whatever is asked to help save lives,” stated Mike Kyser, President, Black Music, Atlantic Records Group. 


DJ Envy supports HAGGV holding “Power Sign”


“This is a hot project and I love when the Hip-Hop Community takes the lead on stopping the violence and saving our neighborhoods.  We all need to support this great project because it will save lives and it’s a good look for Hip-Hop,” said DJ Envy.


DJ Clue holds up the HAGGV “Power Sign”  


“You guys got my support, I’m ready to do whatever it takes to keep the peace and guns off our streets,” stated DJ Clue.


ScHoolboy Q supporting HAGGV holding the “Power Sign”

“This is a great project because we need to get these guns off the streets and educate our communities about the dangers of gun and gang violence, so count me in,” stated ScHoolboy Q.

“When Hip-Hop was first founded in the Bronx it was created to stop the violence, address drugs, gangs, unemployment and dropout rates in our schools.  As we celebrate Hip-Hop History Month this November we are ready to take on the task once again.  I want to thankKendrick Lamar, Mack Wilds, Schoolboy Q, Def Jam Exec. VP Shawn Pecas, Power 105 Program/Music Director Gee Spin, DJ Envy, DJ Clue and Atlantic Records President of Black Music Mike Kyser for showing us a lot of love backstage.”




Continued Fisher, “When the Hip-Hop Community comes together there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.  Hip-Hop is always depicted as being negative by the media and the positive things we do are never highlighted, well this is about to change because this project has a proven track record of success and it’s time for us to be get respect for all the positive initiatives that we do to improve our communities and save lives,” ended Charles Fisher, Founder, HHSYC.

“Improving the image of Hip-Hop will open up new doors of opportunities from Fortune 500 companies who can’t wait to invest in this money-making culture.  There is a lot of money on the table for artists that understand the power of investing in our schools, public housing developments and public safety,” ended Randy Fisher.


Mack Wilds supports HAGGV holding “Power Sign”


“I’m ready and willing to give this project all my support because too many lives are being lost to gun violence everyday.  We must all play a role if we are going to protect our youth and make communities safe once again,” ended Actor/Artist Mack Wilds.

There are a lot of major activities about to take place with the Hip-Hop Community taking the lead to empower our schools, communities, youth and young adults.  It’s our time to shine so for further info on how you can support the Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project hit us up at: hiphopsyc@aol.com.  Or go to our website and register at:  (CLICK HERE).



The HHSYC was founded in July 2001 by Charles Fisher (also known as the former manager of LL Cool J, the Lost Boyz and co-discoverer of R. Kelly).  The organization was created to help implement commitments made by record companies, artists, community leaders and elected officials at the historic 2001 Hip-Hop Summit in New York City.  Participants are taught how to constructively use their time, talent and the Hip-Hop culture to improve social, political and economic conditions in their school, home and community.  Randy Fisher is the organization’s Executive Director.  For additional information, visitHHSYC.org.


“We’re on our Grind to End Gun & Gang Crime”


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This story originated  in the Source Magazine 

Shared and written by Randy Fisher for Young Men’s Perspective Magazine edition 3

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