Polished Diamond waiting to shine



I find this whole opportunity becoming more of a journey in which I’ve come to embrace the process, there’s some kind of evolution taking place in me. I’m finding a profoundness regarding my passion I was never aware of coming alive. During these brief moments of finding a new direction i.e. “reinventing myself”  I want to learn it fast and do it quick, but unfortunately I have to come to terms with, everything in it’s time. Even my moment, so I need to “slow down” something I’m not use to doing being a former worker-holic,. This need for speed, or more so for this process to speed up is a characteristic innately in me that’s bent on succeeding at all cost, even losing sleep. (yawn), it’s draining no doubt but nonetheless, I must proceed with my new found mantra in tow “Believe, Imagine, Inspire” Believe no matter what the outer appearance shows you, Imagine more so what it will be rather than what it’s not, and also to continue to Inspire others along the way. I find writing helps me sort out these type of moments and helps me plan for my next move this opportunity has avail me. I will definitely take advantage of  this time, before re-approaching the whole situation again.

Polished Diamond waiting to shine 

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