“Pearls of wisdom” for young Black men who encounter the police #remix

Can there really be such a thing……




In almost every news headline recently there has been a killing of an unarmed #blackmale, gunned down by a local cities police dept. Based on the obvious evidence and the conditions and circumstances, there doesn’t seem to be any clear means to stay out of harms way now a days. Whether you’re 12 years old playing in the park, or just hanging in the neighborhood your from. It’s likely you’ll be accosted by the terrorist, better know as your local police dept.

Trust, I know how exhausting it is to have to prove to the world every day that you are worthy of respect; to feel accused with every raised eyebrow and clutched purse just for walking down the street or getting into an elevator. I understand how draining it is to be considered a suspect as a result of the generic “Male-Black” description (no height, no weight, no age, no specificity required). This description that seems to authorize every police officer within ear shot to target the nearest male of color and stop them for questioning (or something more). I can appreciate how scary it is not knowing whether the person approaching you, or stopping you in your car may have a nervous glitch or be trigger-happy and likely to cause you harm or just wanna kill another unarmed #blackmale.

I consider these harsh realities our young men of color are facing . . . and my heart aches for you! But more than that, I want you to stay safe, be strong to survive, and to thrive. And to do that you have to stay alive!

I want our young men to wake up and realize (if they haven’t already) that currently while walking around doing average things that others do – you are in harm’s way!

It’s my hope these guidelines AWAKEN you!

  1. Stay calm— Eric Gardner did as he calmly said “I Can’t Breathe!”
  2. Show your hands—- Michael Brown did while being gunned down!
  3. Be polite (even when you are offended, and you will be!)
  4. Show ID when asked— Gentleman in South Carolina did at the gas station and was shot! 
  5. Don’t run— Why of course not, they shoot black males in the back seat of their car while your hand cuffed and say it was suicide! 

Their extremely afraid obviously-with all that training, so Don’t give them a reason to claim fear for their safety – or you appearing to be the Hulk.

Don’t be average step out the box, in your hood and be you. Create your own description one with the narrative to your success, and paint your own pictures with a myriad of colors expressing who you are! Following the crowd won’t get it making your own path will, and that’s how you stay out of harm’s way! !


Please share your thoughts and comments and let’s have a healthy dialogue.


Jeff is a man on a mission. He is the brains behind Jeff Hodges Media parent company to Young Men’s Perspective Magazine and Young Men’s Perspective Radio Shows; through his transmedia company Jeff conveys and communicates the message and the power of transformation. He is driven by his passion for change; Jeff is an Empowerment Speaker, Youth Advocate, Publisher and Author of his bestseller, A Collection of Conversations A Guide To Success Vol. 1


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