Our babies NEED the proper nurturing to grow!


So today I had the opportunity to speak at a school here in Philly One Bright Ray Community High School.  Sharing with them about finding your passion (passion mapping),and setting small goals. Writing down where you see yourself, and how to visualize with you in the picture.   What an excellent experience to be able to touch lives, and speak empowerment into them. I left there however quite sadden by the deep pain our children are in.

Many shared how they are faced with so much negativity,and how it’s a challenge to see past go because of it!


Then I began thinking how when the topic comes up regarding our youth how their viewed as the ones with the problem. I have to say unequivocally that’s an out right lie. The parents are the ones with issues,and pass them onto their children. Whether knowingly or unknowingly the fact remains “Huston” we’ve discovered the stem of it all, and know the problem . I find it disappointing that when faced with a tangible idea,and source of what one can aspire to ( I come from the same environment, yet it was disheartening they couldn’t connect the dots, how I still was able to find my way and they can too!) it’s still was so unreal to them. Only because they’ve been fed so much negativity all their lives,it’s all they have to hold on to, and can relate with. Realizing the harsh reality, that it takes an athletes ambition, and determination to bring ones dreams to fruition, and having been told you’ll never be, or won’t amount to anything is truly a hard pill to swallow.


Digest that with the obvious fact of the destructive environment We, they come from doesn’t help in the least bit. So what can we do? How do we resolve this matter, and bring the babies onto the world stage,to live their lives full of the potential, passion, and  purpose we know them to have! I’m on a mission, and today just fortified that. My objective is to turn on that light, flick a spark that sets in motion the fan to flame the fire burning deep within them.so they can see themselves and their greatness.  I hope eventually with everything in me people, communities, and organizations actually pull together to make this happen, because the future, and our babies are depending on us.


NOTE TO THE ADULTS; You need to get your stuff in order, and find a common ground where WE can ALL actually work together for this common cause for OUR BABIES, because if not the future will have a bleak outcome. Appreciate the fact I was asked to come back, and I’m so looking forward to it!

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