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Today, I would like to welcome Jeff Hodges to the Rukia Publishing blog. Jeff is an inspirational man and we appreciate him taking time out of his busy schedule to join us today..



Jeff Hodges author of A Collection Of Conversations A Guide To Success Vol. 1
Journey with a young man determined to make it in “the hood” by any means necessary. He only found in the end his methods never justify the means, by which he tries to make it out. He eventually finds his journey has him in the belly of the beast. Now half man half gladiator, from the cold concrete bars and cages all beasts. He realizes one day after his release, this can’t be living and this definitely isn’t the life of one with destiny.
They say change comes when you’re sick and tired, he was both and ready for change. Fast forward to today Jeff Hodges is a Mentor, Community Activist who is a Strong Positive Black Business Man. No longer is he a part of the problem perpetuating our communities but a he is a determined pillar of strength. He details his transformation while sharing with young mentees how and what resources he used, to make all of the necessary changes based on a series of profound discussions from some of our most prominent individuals.

Author Bio
Jeff Hodges is the founder/CEO of YMPmedia1 Network, which is a Trans-Media company conveying a message of transformation and empowerment. Based on our highly proven philosophy ” Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.”
My vision and mission is to motivate individuals on life essential qualities such as leadership and self- empowerment that will allow them to have a clear and solid vision.My primary objective is to motivate and teach the power of effectively utilizing your resources, knowledge, and network ability to reach greatness and definitive goals.
As a youth empowerment specialist, I convey my message on several platforms. Through public speaking, training and development, workshops, seminars, coaching and mentoring, and other creative activities. As a Transformation Life Coach, I help you through a guided discovery process. Based on a solution oriented, supportive partnership. Utilizing tools gear towards empowering you to grow, change and reach your goals.
Hire me for your next event as your keynote speaker and during my presentations. I share my powerful story of transformation with transparency. Bringing home our proven philosophy ” Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.”

Welcome Jeff and thank you so much for spending time with us today.
What was the inspiration for writing ‘A Collection Of Conversations, A Guide To Success (Volume 1)’?
In 2008 I begin  working with young African American men as a mentor for a nonprofit organization; 7000men, Inc. I was quickly able to see the impact I was making and eventually created my own media platform to empower more young African American men on a larger scale. I realize I could help men who have been taking unnecessary risk. I knew what many of them are in need of, and how to encourage them to become the men they really wanted to be, this was inspiration enough.

Who is your target audience for this book?
My target audience is young African American men 18-35.  My book addresses several social issues, if not all these young men face on a daily basis. For instance, I address the recidivism rate. Offering insight for the repeat offender,to making better life choices and turning things around with a life plan. I’m a proud graduate of Anger Management I share my experiences and knowledge which led me there. Like many young Black Men growing in the inner-city I too struggled through the effects of Angry Black Boy Syndrome. I also target those same young men suffering with their hurt, guilt and shame coming from the same type of environment as I did, who to suffer with arrested development. So I take my readers on a journey. I include interviews with a host of supporting contributors, including Russell Simmons, Brian Barton, Bill Duke, MC Lyte, Dr Elisa English, and Dr. Umar Ifatunde. Just to name a few, who share in this collective message of ‪#‎empowerment‬  to our youth.  My overall goal is to get A Collection Of Conversations A Guide To Success vol. 1 in the hands of countless students in schools everywhere!. So I basically approach with a two target aspect, one who needs guidance based on bad choice making, and the other praise both needing empowerment!
Do you self-publishing and if so what is the best aspect of it for you and your book?
Yes, learning new things and the actual process of applying what I’ve learned!

How long did it take you to write this book?
Well, because my platform is a trans-media company that started in 2008, a great deal of my material was readily available via broadcast and publications. I did numerous interviews that are a huge part of my book. Also, I had a business coach in 2013 who challenged me to complete the book in 30 day, which I did.

What is the biggest source of inspiration in your writing life?
Empowering others particularly young African American men, and seeing that light of inspiration come alive in their eyes.

Is there one book or author that has inspired you more than any other?
Yes, Dennis Gimbro -Think and Grow Rich – A Black Choice

What are 3 of your favorite lines/quotes from your book ‘A Collection Of Conversations, A Guide To Success (Volume 1)’?

1.  “ You should be very clear how much you love what you’re doing”  Russell Simmons

2.  “ Be different, Be great, and never stop”  Brandon Frame

3.  “Success deals with two things freedom and experience. The freedom to live your life the way want, and the experience to feel wonderful about it” Bennie Randall Jr.

Do you have a favorite time of day for writing and why?
No not really, whenever the inspiration hits me basically.

What are you currently reading and why did you choose it?
Four Steps to building  a profitable coaching practice  Deborah Brown-Volkman
I’m working on building up my Transformation Life Coaching practice.

Who is your biggest source of inspiration in your writing life?
The people I want to have the most impact on young African American men. When it’s all said and done, I want them to be able to say I was a huge source of inspiration and empowerment for them.

Do you take time off when you finish a book or do you start the next project straight away?
Kind of a workaholic with tunnel vision, so yes right to the next I have many irons in the fire and learned to prioritize and manage my time well.

Do you have a current writing project that you would like to share with us?
Yes, as the publisher of Young Men’s Perspective Magazine  a quarterly publication, I’m working on my next edition due out this summer 2015 and my next book A Collection Of Conversations: A Guide To Transformation. vol 2 due out in fall 2015.

If you could share one thing about yourself that you would like readers to know what would it be?
First allow me to thank you for such a great opportunity, I’m so humbled and thankful.  I am someone who has no formal education, yet have always been able to move in my purpose even while being homeless. Nothing was going to stop me from thriving to make my dreams come to fruition regardless of my situation. Fast forward today, I’m the owner of my publication, host my own online radio show, have been a part of numerous speaking engagements, as well working on my second book, and building my coaching practice.  I would have to say unequivocally, you can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you’re willing to do the work. I did, so can you!!!

It has been my pleasure to chat with you today Jeff. I am a great believer in following your dreams whatever they may be or where they take you. Please let us know when your second book is due for release, it would be good to speak again.

Thank you so much for taking part 🙂
Sarah Jane

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Jeff Hodges Founder/CEO Young Men’s Perspective Magazine & online broadcast

Young men’s perspective is an interactive digital magazine and radio show designed to strengthen character and promote success through inspiration and information.
Our mission is to use the magazine and radio show to empower, encourage and enrich our young men of color so that more of them succeed in life.

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