@mcochranewrites interviews @cenitajohnson on Jeff Hodges #Media

Jeff Hodges Media presents


A very special segment with our host Melinda Cochrane featuring Cenita Johnson


Cenita Johnson is a former fashion model and U.S. Air Force veteran turned Life Empowerment Visionary.  

We all have a story and Cenita is no exception. Despite the odds, Cenita rose above a dysfunctional childhood, several life obstacles and a transforming ‘Dark Night of the Soul.’She is determined to live her purpose and empower others as she also continues to seek empowering life lessons and growth.  

Cenita’s seeks to share life empowering mental, behavior and universal spiritual principles.

“Life is full of ups and downs. You may even throw in the towel. When life has kicked you down, you must call upon your inner Supreme Warrior power. Crawl if you must…until you regain the strength to stand up and walk again. Then continue to walk back into your strength along your journey into the life you envision.”


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