May the work I do speak for me! @ympmagazine #mentor #agentofchange #humbled

Definitely had to share with you, what my mentor Susan L. Taylor said to me .   When I set off on this journey, it was my every intention to get Young Men’s Perspective Magazine in her hands, and I did! The words she spoke were words of reassurance and encouragement as expected. I’m truly grateful for following my heart, and embracing my passion for my dreams. Today hearing these words only reaffirm what I already knew in my heart, “you know you’re on the right road, when the right and necessary people cross your path”

“Jeff, you’re on your way, the idea and how you have presented it is excellent. The way you’re going is exactly what our people need, they need exactly how you describe it in your business plan. They need to be able to express themselves, and you created that place where they can have that dialogue”
Excerpt from our conversation 

Susan L. Taylor

“YOU are truly a blessing…the world is a better place because of people like you! I am trying to not be so emotional…my heart is moved in a way I cannot put into words…these young men need a solid foundation a transformation, hope and opportunity…I thank you for providing such a thing! As you can see I am white…lol…very white…I hope this too works in a beneficial way! God did not intend for this to be as it is here…I wish for a wakeup call…a global awakening! Im in prisoned with the thought of these men and women being locked away, locked down and people profiting off of their lost dreams…Im sad enough to be strong and strong enough to advocate! I need a few solid mentors in this field that are like you…this will be a journey my friend! THANK YOU….THANK YOU…just knowing people like you are here provides such hope…”

DeLana Brown 

Destiny Empowerment

Powerful Show!



Keep up the great works, good brother, and let me know if I can be of assistance in helping build better communities for our children . . . R. Lee Gordon


jayreelz Final Word

Keep doing your thing fam!Hope that all is well. Good luck and God bless! J.D


Colored People

Very good topics you have here!





Dr.Chad Logan

God Bless You,I enjoy your shows






Far Rock Live

Like the new name and format.


The Ripple Effect

Great Show! Racial Harmony can be achieved!


Exposed Radio Show

Oh wow! I need to be there for the next show



Excellent show!!!


Ms Fahim Herb Queen

.Your show topics are very important…Continue to let people know what is going on






Keep up the good work!



I love what you are doing!



No doubt a much needed forum, keep doing it


One Black Man

Great show for information related to community activism. God Bless!



You have a great program. Keep doing what your doing. I recommended some ppl here on Blogtalk to your program. The example you are setting should be nation wide. Peace and Blessings. ~Zen~





TGAP Radio

God Bless you for the work you are doing


Muhammads talk radio

You have a great program. Keep working to build a future for our children. peace


Alexander Roderick

Glad I found your show, I’m definitely interested in working with you on how to impact our young folk.

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