Living In A World Where Success Is Hard To Define

In a world with so many options, definitions, points of views of what success is there is only one thing that truly matters. That one thing is that success is defined through the belief and values instilled in one’s self. We often look for others to provide the answer to what success is, and at the end of the day that will never truly define what success is. The reasoning is because if we use others to define any aspect of our lives, we risk losing very important elements of ourselves.

One, we risk losing our own consciousness and understanding for the beauty of life. We can only see life through our own eyes and through our heart. Therefore trying to live by someone else’s definition is like trying to look through their eyes.

Two, how can anyone grow or progress in life while being restricted by something within themselves that they do not control? It is like trying to jump with cement shoes on, there is a greater risk of falling.

We live in a world where so many people suffer feeling as if they are less than other people, who are just other people. Regardless of social economics, we are all people. We can never truly understand everything about other people but we can learn everything about ourselves. Too often people feel that they cannot be successful without a lot of money.

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by contributing writer John “J. Ransom” Futrell  for Young Men’s Perspective Magazine edition 3, also known as “King Poetic”  the co-owner of JAC Media and Promotions and Co-owner of Really Right Productions. Author, Artist, Poet, Rapper and Producer,




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