Jeff Hodges Media shows it’s support for DFW Asthmatics”Stomping Out Asthma”

CEO and Founder  Shammara Norris, RRT, RCP. of Positive Breathing Organization joined our show Young Men’s Perspective Magazine with host Melinda Cochrane. Congratulations Shammara Norris, for all the great work you do!

Shammara Norris has been a Licensed Respiratory Therapist since 2000. Prior becoming CEO and forming the non profit organization Positive Breathing Organization were she’s implemented a comprehensive , community based asthma education program. Helping children and the adult population she found, It’s not enough to just be charitable; but though her volunteering and passion to help others she chose a life she feels that gives back to others. She contributed to the success of a health-related educational training center. She was a Lead Respiratory Therapist Instructor to an Allied Health Respiratory Care Program. Her specialty in respiratory care included Critical Care adult and pediatric. Mrs. Norris was also recruited to become part of the Asthma committee of the American Lung Association in 2013.


Dear,Community Agents of Change

I would like to take this opportunity to send out my most deep felt
gratitude for your show of support for the performances of
DFWStompExplosion“Stomping Out Asthma” participates and sponsors.
We were honored to have the dual support from yourselves and those who were instrumental in making the event happen but without your
financial and encouraging support we would have never seen our hopes and dreams come to life on stage with such a successful turnout.

Judge Our Community Impact:


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