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I thought about doing my own timeline of introduction of sorts, you know so you guys can really get to know me, not a bad dude at least anymore lol.  Between writing my next book, working on scheduling to be booked I like to blog based on my work with Young Future Business Leaders/High Achieving Youth, and At Risk Youth seeking motivation, and transformation.. Using this platform whether via the articles Young Men’s Perspective Magazine, and Radio show as well as being a speaker/mentor. All coming from a place of cautionary tales and transformation. Geared toward aiding our youth offering insight and information assisting in their transformations, growth and development, passion mapping, entrepreneurship just to name a few.

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Check out my timeline

Over 27rs of my life Married, to three of the most beautiful woman two birth my four beautiful children, gonna leave that at that..lol

Over 25 yrs working in the veterinarian field as a vet tech,which is equated to a nurse in the human field working in the emergency hospital dept. I work high volume emergency animal hospitals, never attending traditional school for it, but had on the job training eventually learning how to perform surgical procedures, and do them.

At 25 yrs old, had two heart attacks crazy right? It’s when I learned of my untreated hypertension. Eventually having a lifestyle and diet change among many other things Got the toxic people out my life, you know.

My oldest son Jeffrey is 27 yrs old, and I’m a grandfather with two grandsons by both my sons Joshua and Jeffrey. Josh and His wife Sierra expecting their second ,it’s a Girl! Wow congrats again to them can’t wait to meet the lil princess.

I once had 25 red belly piranha one dominated the tank killing 24 of them, could you imagine my disappointment lol

25 years ago I was facing 10-30 years in prison, so as I reflect on my “journey in the belly of the beast. Now half man half gladiator and from the cold concrete and bars of the cages all beast.”  I often think about my fellow comrades, and this is where my journey and mission begins!  

I was 8-9 yrs old, and was molested by this women in a  garage, never told anyone back then. Then when I was 12-13 yrs old, was molested again while I laid asleep but always knew this person did something to me, and never told anyone. Later on in life many years later in fact I confronted my molester, and what made that such and interesting yet therapeutic experience, was what he never said as I elaborated on those events. What made it so healing for me, was he never denied it, he a preacher now and has a history of molesting other children this I know for fact.

Here’s where it gets fuzzy either 10 yrs ago or over ten I was stabbed once in the liver, due to a botched home invasion. Followed by thee worst hospital experience ever, I received 67 stables never met the doctor. who cut me open for  exploratory surgery, did I say once in the liver what was he looking for anyway, lol.  To add insult to injury I was assaulted and arrested by the police soon after I discharged from the hospital because I didn’t have on my seat belt. Ultimately winning this matter in court!

  I can go on, like how I watched numerous friends die, go off to prison get lost in the streets. How I suffered with depression, chronic back pain for over 20 yrs , causing me to eventually lose everything career,house car you get it, was homeless!

My purpose and point for this particular blog

After reading this you probably saying  “I wouldn’t pay for that either ”  meaning if You was me you wouldn’t allow those LIFE experiences hold you back either, from your potential, your greatness your due! Right?  I didn’t think so, just thought I share hopefully someone is inspired to persevere irregardless of their circumstances an situations they may have experience.  Always remember “We were meant to do great and incredible things, if only we embrace our most powerful weapon in our arsenal, our life EXPERIENCES and learn from them as the lessons they are, to never repeat the same mistakes again or allow situations hold us back but grow from them ALL!!!

 I’m be completely honest with you, as if I haven’t been lol.  But in all seriousness there isn’t a time I’m having a conversation/coaching session ( hint, hint )  and the person doesn’t share a similar if not the same type of  experiences I briefly shared with you here, and what do you know I can truly say look at me I made it so can you here’s how…..

Check out

“Why your worst deeds don’t define you”

 Be good  ya’ll and remember you never know who you might meet and who they could be, nonetheless treat people right because it could be you one day!  


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