Find out why, Transformation Life Coaching is for you!

   Jeff Hodges 


Transformation Life Coach-Author-Youth Empowerment Speaker


Company:  Ympmedia1 Network, LLC dba TLC, Ing

Location: Philadelphia, PA.



About Life Coaching

Welcome to Transformation Life Coaching  a.k.a. TLC, Ing!  I’m excited about the possibility of working with you! When you decide to work with a life coach, it’s important to understand the coaching relationship so that it works well for you.

“A Life Coach has great communication skills, has warmth and a sense of humor, is a natural motivator, intuitive, great problem solver and thinks outside of the box, possesses empathy, understanding of human behavior, and has a history themselves of overcoming huge obstacles in their own lives to achieve great things, then they can be a wonderful facilitator for change in assisting others.”

A coaching relationship is typically one-on-one, so you will be working with Jeff to assess and work toward your individual needs.  Coaching sessions are conducted on the telephone or Skype, which allows for ultimate convenience for you and your schedule, no matter your geographic location. As a coach, his strengths lie in helping you in quickly getting to the heart of an issue, facilitating creative reflection, formulating practical strategies and energizing motivation. He strives to help all his clients not only achieve what they set out to do, but also increase self-awareness and attain a healthy balance in life.

He is committed to you and your best interests. As your coach, Jeff will give you his undivided attention, ask the hard questions and reflect back to you what he hears. He will challenge you and encourage you to explore new avenues. As an opportunity to find clarity, purpose, and direction, coaching is an investment in yourself. The benefits multiply themselves for a lifetime

About The Coach

Jeff Hodges is the founder/CEO of YMPmedia1 Network, which is a Trans-Media company conveying a message of transformation and empowerment. Based on our highly proven philosophy ” Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.”
His vision and mission is to motivate individuals on life essential qualities such as leadership and self- empowerment that will allow them to have a clear and solid vision.My primary objective is to motivate and teach the power of effectively utilizing your resources, knowledge, and network ability to reach greatness and definitive goals.
As a youth empowerment specialist he convey his message on several platforms. Through public speaking, training and development, workshops, seminars, coaching and mentoring, publications, his book and other creative activities
As a Transformation Life Coach, he helps you through a guided discovery process. Based on a solution oriented, supportive partnership. Utilizing tools gear towards empowering you to grow, change and reach your goals.
  Hire Jeff for your next event as your keynote speaker, and during his presentations. He share his powerful story of transformation with transparency. Bringing home our proven philosophy ” Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.”

Getting Started

Life coaching typically takes place on the phone, or Skype four times per month. Email communication is also included in the monthly coaching package. Jeff requires All clients be committed to a 3 month process, it’s been proven it takes 90 days to change behaviors to garner results in order to begin to experience life on your terms.

If you are tired and ready to stop life, career and relationships from beating you down, be sure and explore coaching with Jeff and the many benefits he has to offer you, He personally invites you to contact him and schedule a Free 30 min Initial Consultation. Click to send Jeff an email now! He’s looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Benefits addressing issues regarding, but not limited too:

Anger Management

Absent Father


Getting over pain
Transitioning from a street life, to living a true life
Mothers with troubled youth, caught up in recidivism
Just to name a few….
Speaking/Coaching Fee
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Media Interviews:
I’m Available Call or email For Details

Jeff Hodges, TLC,Ing Coaching for men is a passion of his, and he enjoys helping other men, and young men transform their lives. He encourages them as they prepare for the challenges ahead, as they move towards what they want to accomplish next. He assists them with the process of learning new skills and finding new ways to answer the questions and be more equipped for the journey.

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