Come away with me


Journey with a young man determined to make it in “the hood” by any means necessary. He only learns in the end his methods never justify the means, by which he tries to make it out. He eventually finds his journey has him in the belly of the beast. Now half man half gladiator, from the cold concrete bars and cages all beasts.

 He realizes one day after his release, this can’t be living and this definitely isn’t the life of one with destiny.

  They say change comes when you’re sick and tired, he was both and ready for change. Fast forward to today Jeff Hodges is a Mentor, Community Activist who is a Strong Positive Black Business Man. No longer is he a part of the problem perpetuating our communities but a determined pillar of strength. He details his transformation while sharing with young mentees how and what resources he used, to make all of the necessary changes based on a series of profound discussions from some of our most prominent individuals. 

Excerpt from my book  A Collection Of Conversations A Guide To Success Vol. 1 

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A Collection Of Conversations A Guide To Success Vol. 1 

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