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 “The bridge shortens for our youth, as the gap widens for the next Generation who see pass tomorrow”?

Positivity is my middle name, and perseverance should of been my first (otherwise I’d have given up long ago). My goal and passion is empowering people lives.  Sharing my story and philosophy on my platform, and in my book: A Collection Of Conversations A Guide To Success Vol. 1

Which offers a new perspective on neutralizing negativity (within oneself and others). Tools for passion mapping to your success, and insight into addressing your hurt, guilt and shame that prevents you from getting there!

Lover of life’s moments, be they pleasure or pain, by exuding gratitude for the miracle of still being here. Teaching others the positive perspective: dealing with the lows in life as merely experiences of which we should be grateful to be here to embrace the challenges.  Also excepting the fact we’re built to do whatever we set our minds to, and since it all begins within the realms of the mind.

My methods work to motivate, inspire, and give others insight from my personal experiences, utilizing my philosophy ” Change your thinking, change your life”

“Its my humble wish that every reader will walk away with some golden nugget
of knowledge contained in this wonderful and powerful book by Mr. Jeff Hodges. You
can tell he put his heart and soul into this Collection of Conversations, through the words and his own story about what he has learned on his journey while climbing the ladder of success. It was a privilege and honor to be a part of this masterpiece called, A Collection Of Conversations. Job well done Mr. Jeff Hodges, I salute you.”

Thank You,
Bennie Randall Jr. aka The Motivator

  “Very proud of my brother and comrade Jeff Hodges, please go out and support him. I bear witness to his transformation.”
Ronald Tucker
“Conversations is a defacto longitudinal investigation of human behavior. An anthropological analysis that
provocatively demonstrates the power and purpose of sharing experiences in order to influence change. A
must read for all those loving, working and providingguidance to young people. ”
Dr. Elisa English

“Dr. Elisa English is an advice guru, media favorite,
professor, author, social/ human service organizations
Jeff Hodges’ “A Collection of Conversations: A Guide To Success” is not another `how-to book’. It is one extraordinary man – along with a cadre of colleagues – having a fatherly (and motherly in some cases) relevant conversation with youth. As mentors who care deeply about our hurting young people, Mr. Hodges and his distinguished contributors, deliver their most powerful message by serving as role models themselves, never diminishing their own responsibility and accountability they carry in their respective roles.In Mr. Hodges own words, “One of the most important things in life is to always remain true to self, a man of your word; one who has integrity, shows loyalty and is not swayed by the lack of realness in other. It’s my firm belief, in order for our young men to act and behave as kings, we – the elder men – must present ourselves as kings.” Thank you, Jeff, for serving as one…”

Holli Kenley, M.A. ,MFT
Author: Breaking Through Betrayal: and Recovering the Peace Within (New Horizons in Therapy Series)

“Entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jeff Hodges has captured the true essence of my favorite lesson: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” in his book “A Collection Of Conversations.” Jeff’s ability to be honest and vulnerable for the sake of helping others are rare characteristics I admire. Ultimately, I believe you are who you hang out with. You can’t spend time with someone, real impactful time, without there being an influence. Jeff’s book truly expresses that sentiment and is a must read for anyone seeking to undergo a personal transformation.”
Paul Carrick Brunson
“Paul is much more than a matchmaker.”
~ Oprah Winfrey~

  There’s a huge difference between a person who writes, and just tells stories, versus a person who writes to share the story of their life being transparent to help others. I’m the latter, check out my story…
“Journey with a young man determined to make it in “the hood” by any means necessary. He only found in the end his methods never justify the means, by which he tries to make it out. He eventually finds his journey has him in the belly of the beast. Now half man half gladiator, and from the cold concrete bars and cages all beasts. He realizes one day after his release, this can’t be living and this definitely isn’t the life of one with destiny.They say change comes when you’re sick and tired, he was both and ready for change. Fast forward to today Jeff Hodges is a Mentor, Community Activist who is a Strong Positive Black Business Man. No longer is he a part of the problem perpetuating our communities but a he is a determined pillar of strength. He details his transformation while sharing with young mentees how and what resources he used, to make all of the necessary changes based on a series of profound discussions from some of our most prominent individuals.”

From : A Collection Of Conversations A Guide To Success Vol. 1

Looking forward to connecting with all peace loving and positive people who want to help make this world a better place. We’re all brothers and sisters on this tiny planet… let peace begin with each of us. Together, we can do it!
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